The Battle Wave 2323 Universe

How it all began...

Battle Wave 2323 was born out of hundreds of years of bloodshed and chaos, as our planet has been caught in the middle of an interdimensional quest for power.

After we first launched the Oracle in 2021 in an attempt to generate infinite power for our people, we regained hope that life on our planet could continue. The potential for peace and abundant resources was quickly in jeopardy, as we caught the attention of a 4th dimensional being known as “The Entity” who stole the Oracle, unleashed the Sentinels and took control of our planet. Much mystery still surrounds who or what The Entity is, yet one thing is for sure… The Great Oracle War is upon us.

The following decades have brought nothing but destruction, as the Great Oracle War has persisted generation after generation. From the Cyber Rampage Civil War between the Warlords and the Gangsters, to the nine rebel factions fighting to reclaim the Oracle from “The Entity” in Battle Wave 2323 today… the story continues to unfold.

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Battle Wave 2323

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