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Battle Wave 2323 empowers users to become owners in a DeFi-based social gaming economy, and earn real money. Win $ANRX through weekly battles and determine the fate of the AnRKey X Universe.

$55M+ Gaming TVLGame tokens staked to play

$1.5M+ Gaming NFT Sales

$2.75M+ Earnedby Gamers in our Community

Power Up Your Earnings with Exclusive Membership Packages

Build up your deck of valuable and powerful APY-boosting NFTs even faster with our new Battle Wave 2323 Membership packages! Members will receive exclusive Achievement NFTs to show off their Membership status, as well as monthly and weekly NFT drops, Oracle Shard gifts, and more features to power up your gameplay and bring your team to victory!


$ 5 Monthly
  • 1 Random NFT
  • Weekly 10M OS
  • Membership NFT
  • 10% APY Boost


$ 10 Monthly
  • Weekly Level 2 NFT
  • 3 Random NFTs
  • Weekly 25M OS
  • Membership NFT
  • 25% APY Boost


$ 15 Monthly
  • Weekly Level 3 NFT
  • 5 Random NFTs
  • Weekly 50M OS
  • Membership NFT
  • 50% APY Boost

The Oracle & The Rise of “The Entity”

The launch of the Oracle in 2021 represented the first successful example of infinite power generation, and provided our planet with hope that life could continue. However, this didn’t last long as the resulting prosperous years of peace and abundant resources are now at risk.

The appearance of a 4th dimensional being known as “The Entity”, has stolen the Oracle and claimed total control of our planet. Much mystery still surrounds who or what The Entity is, yet one thing is for sure…The Great Oracle War is upon us.

The Cyber Rampage Civil War

In 2075, during The Great Oracle War, “The Entity” corrupted the world’s largest militia by offering their leader Eliana (aka The Warlord) advanced technology in exchange for controlling the human race. By partnering with The Entity, Eliana set off the bloodiest civil war in our planet’s history.

A feared street gang boss named Jason (aka The Gang Boss), stepped up to save the people of planet. Now, in the year 2123 this decades long deadly conflict between The Warlords and The Gangsters has become known as the Cyber Rampage Civil War.

Nine Great Rebel Factions

In the aftermath of the merciless and bloody Cyber Rampage Civil War, “The Entity” remains in control of The Oracle, the planet’s primary source of energy. Now in the year 2323, nine great rebel armies have arisen, overpowering the Warlord and Gangster factions and recruiting their most ferocious warriors.

These armies aim to change the course of history by battling to control the energy waves of the Oracle. Which army will reign supreme and sit atop the throne, holding the power to control the future of the planet?

Battle, Stake, & Win

Win epic real money rewards by battling with your teammates to achieve the highest APY and destroy your enemies. Team strategy is the key to victory, so choose your teammates and game actions wisely.

Win More with Teams

With a team of users on your side, you will blow away all other yield farms. By pooling your team’s APY together you can win even more real money rewards — only achievable with Battle Wave 2323.


Collecting Oracle Shards gives you the ultimate power to create enemy-crushing NFTs and unleash abilities across the AnRKey X Universe.


Blast your enemies into the next galaxy with powerful starship upgrades and redeem your rewards for valuable NFTs to play or sell.

Get Lucky

Achieve Mythic status with the ultra-rare prize NFTs, awarded to 9 lucky winning team members for an earth shattering 100% APY boost.

Get Luckier

Upgrade your ultra-rare prize NFT with blinged-out Armaments that grant mind bending power with a 50% APY boost.

Super Weapons

Coordinate with your team to stack up the planet's most deadly Artillery and generate a Combined Super Weapon boost of 30% APY.

Power Up

Power up your team and shock your enemies by exchanging $ANRX for explosive in-game boosts that add up to 370% APY to your team.


Summon killer support by building an unbeatable deck of NFT game cards that boost firepower and can shift a game in your favor in an instant.


Only ultimate weapons dealers can enter the Aftermarket, where limited Prize NFTs can change hands. Broker the right deals and level up your team.

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